This summer we won't be sending the kids to camp and hitting the beach. Instead, on June 26th, Scott, Melanie, Lucas and Sydney depart for a 2 month adventure in Peru where we'll immerse ourselves in peruvian culture, volunteer to help those less privileged, hike the Inca Trail and live in the jungle. Follow our blog for regular updates, pictures and videos from all 4 of us.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Lost Cochoa

Today we're hiking to a place called "lost lake".  Not sure why it's considered lost because we had no trouble finding it…albeit it took a good 2 hours of hiking and another hour by boat!  On the way we saw tons of birds…vultures, wild turkeys, toucans, screamers, tons of turtles and more, and once we got to the lake we even found a few black caimans…

Lucas was pretty excited, but Sydney seemed a bit overwhelmed (or perhaps it's fatigue since the whole hike was about 8km round trip).

We even climbed to the top of a 200+ foot platform (a little high for my taste) to have a look around:

On the way back, we stopped at the biggest tree I've ever seen:

By this point, Sydney was a little tired and needed a ride so I obliged…

But i had to put her down to watch our guide coax a tarantula out of it's nest with a blade of grass.

That was enough hiking for us so we took the rest of the day to relax in the hammocks and view the local botanical garden before an early bed time.

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