This summer we won't be sending the kids to camp and hitting the beach. Instead, on June 26th, Scott, Melanie, Lucas and Sydney depart for a 2 month adventure in Peru where we'll immerse ourselves in peruvian culture, volunteer to help those less privileged, hike the Inca Trail and live in the jungle. Follow our blog for regular updates, pictures and videos from all 4 of us.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Pictures & Cell Phone Troubles

So we've posted lots of pictures to Flickr now.  They are organized in sets, with some pictures & videos of where we're staying, lots of pictures of the city, a tribute to the many dogs of Cusco and even a special spot for Sydney's photos.

Over the last 2 days we've quickly gotten acclimated.  We've explored lots of areas of Cusco, seen the famous 12-sided stone, walked several plazas, and toured a chocolate museum.  Probably the most difficult thing I've had to do is get my cell phone working.  After buying a SIM card for about $5, I unsuccessfully tried to "recarga" (add minutes) the phone about 5 times.  It doesn't help that no one speaks english around here so finally the phone guy actually pulled up google translate and figured out I was trying to put minutes on the wrong phone number.  Now that it's all settled if any of you are interested, you can call me at 952720577 (dial 011 51 before if you're calling from the US).

Anyway, tomorrow's the big day for us as we officially start our program.  At 9a, we're all starting spanish lessons.  I'll be in the basic beginner, while Melanie will be in an intermediate class, and the kids will have private lessons.  We'll be volunteering in the afternoon at a local boys orphanage once the kids get out of school, and we're officially going to be introduced to the boys tomorrow at 4:30p.

More to come...

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